deaths per year *


of sportsmen killed
by the lighting are golphers ! *

lighting often strikes outside of heavy rain and may occur as far as 10 miles away from any rainfall !

warn and protect your golfers
with storm'n golf

STORM'N GOLF is a new application designed to warn golfers in real-time, of approaching storms and the possible presence of lighting.

STORM'N GOLF's innovative technology keeps golfers informed at any moment during their game through a system of beacons on the course which emit light and sound signals, as well as via instant notifications sent directly to their smartphone.
When a storm's approaching there's no time to lose, golfers are informed immedateley if they must discontinue play, allowing them to seek appropriate shelter well before a storm hits.

STORM'N GOLF works in association with STORMDETEC, a new generation, patented electric field mill, which measures variations in electrostatic fields in real time. It is able to determine the probabiliyu of an imminent storm and the risk of lightning up to 18 miles (30km) or 20 minutes away.

key features of storm'n golf app :
  • stay informed from any device via website www.stormngolf.com
  • Mobile app compatible with IOS and Android devices (available on the Apple Store )
  • Safety tips prescribed by the USGA
  • Access information about the golf course e.g. map and opening times
  • Consult detailes three-day weather forecast

Storm and Golf is in accordance with safety guidelined outlied by the USGA, which recommends that all golf courses be equipped with a lightning detection system in order to protect it's golfers.

the golf course
the smart way

  • 1"Storm Detect"
    The storm detector & transmittercollect & process information about magnetic fields, which is then transmitted to various devices, (through the mobile network)

  • 2Website
    Stay informed about storm activity wherever you are.

  • 3App
    Golfers recieve instant notifications & safety alerts throught the game.

  • 4Beacon
    Colour coded signals, accompanied by a horn & vocal message, inform golfers in cas a storm.